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Clean Games Baltic Cup 2020

This email is for all the people interested in environmental projects and sustainable development goals, and capable of managing an event for 30 people. We invite you to take part in the Clean Games Baltic Cup 2020.

The event is being produced by the Clean Games organization, and we support it as one of the partners. 

 The Clean Games Baltic Cup is an international environmental tournament that will take place in the countries of the Baltic Sea basin on the 19th of September 2020. The participants will compete in waste collecting and sorting.  We invite you to organize a small eco event for 30 participants in your city or area as a part of the tournament. Why do we need you? Why is it important? What do we need from you as an organizer? What do the Clean Games provide to organizers? Feel free to find answers in the presentation attached. 

 If you’re interested, sign up for one of the free webinars at http://balticcleancup.com/

 Here is the schedule:

 24/08, 17:00 CET 

02/09, 17:00 CET

07/09, 17:00 CET 

Dmitriy Ioffe. Founder of Clean Games dima@cleangames.ru