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“ENVIRONMENT of Saint – Petersburg” Special edition

This special edition has been prepared with the financial support № R # 082 “Baltic Industrial Symbiosis” project of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme”. Special edition is devoted to the development of industrial symbiosis and circular economy in the Baltic Sea region. A special edition was prepared based

on materials provided by the authors. Responsibility for the content and accuracy of the materials are authors.


CBSS’ work on sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region

About Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

Mapping current policies supporting industrial symbiosis development the Baltic Sea region

Circular Economy: possible reality or unattainable future?

Kalundborg Symbiosis.

Industrial symbiosis - a short note on facilitation and capacity building.

Initiatives of the international consortium «Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment» for sustainable development in a context of circular economy.

Cata3Pult - the Finnish-Russian public-private partnership catalyzing new green business.

Denmark: Municipalities can be front runners in sustainable growth.

Municipal Initiatives: Technologies in the Service of Ecology/


First steps forward to symbiotic chains.

Medical wastes – neutralized. Garbage – double cut.

Living lab – Here the industrial symbiosis’ products are born.


Development of Commercial Fish Farming in the Republic of Karelia

Pskov Region: Economy and Ecology in Rapport

Millions to manure for fast-growing forests

Farm and biogas plant: cooperation experience in Finland

Symbiosis of economy and ecology in woodworking


New business opportunities in the field of biotechnology and circular economy within the framework of the crossborder cooperation program ”South-East Finland – Russia 2014 - 2020»

TIRES – Problem waste or energy source?

«GREEN» logistics as a trend of development of industrial symbiosis in the transport complex of a large city

(on the example of Saint-Peterburg).

Innovative Technologies for the Organic Waste Management.


ROADSHOW and Peer to Peer exchange of the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis in Russia.

“ENVIRONMENT of Saint – Petersburg” Special edition