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The Northwest Russia RENEWABLE ENERGY forum

25-26 september 2019. "Event center" Zastavskaya str. 31, building 2, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The international Northwest Russia Renewable Energy Forum is one of the main discussion platforms in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia. It brings together representatives from the private sector, governmental organisations, scientific community and non-governmental organisations.

The main objective of the Forum is to discuss the opportunities for introducing new green technologies (renewable energy, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, energy efficient technologies etc.) in the Northwestern Federal District.

The Website Of The Forum 

The Forum has been gathering every few years since 2008. During these years the Forum’s events have taken place in the largest cities of the Northwestern Federal District: Murmansk, Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg.

The Forum’s partners include the international movement 350.org, Climate Action Network, Consulate General of Norway in St. Petersburg, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in St. Petersburg, Russian Wind Energy Association, Association for the development of electric mobility, driverless and connected transport and infrastructure, and the «Volts Battery» company (member of the international consortium “Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment”.

25 september 2019.  16.00-17.30. Round table “The decentralization of energy supply. What are the prospects?”

 What are the main trends in the market for electricity-saving systems? What are the risks involved in using decentralized energy-generating installations? Which solutions could be proposed for isolated locations and small settlements? Autonomic power supply and heat production in the private sector — a myth or an existing reality? Examples of successful cases.

Speakers members of the international consortium “Saint-Petersburg Cleantech Cluster for urban environment”:

- Aleksandr Kiyanitsa, VOLTS Battery Ltd., CEO “Volts Battery” (member of the international consortium

- Nikolay Pitirimov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cluster, member of the Supervisory Board Russian-Norwegian company “First Saint-Petersburg Energy Service Company” Ltd

Work programme Northwest Russia Renewable Energy Forum