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The results of the BIS project

March 23, 2020. The project promotes industrial symbiosis, a concept for sustainable regional development, across the Baltic Sea region. Industrial symbiosis means to connect companies from different industries in order to use one company’s waste, in the form of e.g. energy, ingredients or materials, as a resource for the next company. The project establishes peer-to-peer exchange for industrial symbiosis practitioners. It develops new business and finance models and sets up the BSR Industrial Symbiosis Council as a platform for dialogue and policy learning.

Project implementation period: January 2019 – June 2021. The project involves partners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Russia.

At this stage of the project first steps for symbiotic chains establishment are being taken: companies were screened based on a Symbiosis Center Denmark method and local matchmaking events are organized to start discussion on waste-to-value cooperation. In short time a Living Lab will be organized. It will be a space where participants share and cocreate knowledge intending to seek innovative solutions that respond to common needs. With facilities such as a greenhouse, working space, and warehouse, enterprises can experiment with the use and possible recirculation of residuals.