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XV Session. Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Dialogue: Joint Actions and Priorities 2021+

26.10.2020, ONLINE.The XV session of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Stakeholder Dialogue marks the 30th anniversary of the Interreg – the main EU regions’ cooperation instrument both within the EU and beyond. This year we look back on how the cooperation between Russian regions and BSR EU partners started more than 20 years ago and how it has evolved, what the current results are and what we can expect from the upcoming programme period.
Partners from Russia have taken part in 48 out of 140 projects of Interreg Baltic Sea Region, covering all three Programme priorities: capacity for innovation, sustainable transport and management of natural resources. Over 500 partner organizations from all Baltic Sea region countries cooperate in international projects with Russian participation.

Registration for the eventhttps://forms.gle/HMSAK42Q8v9CUid29

This year dialogue focuses on the tangible results that projects achieved in the funding period 2014- 2020: Russian and EU partners share what main benefits they see in transnational cooperation and what it brings to their regions.

  • What are the main results of transnational cooperation projects?
  • How do the projects engage local, regional and national stakeholders? How people living in the region benefit from the projects?
  • Are there any ideas for future transnational cooperation?

In addition, the audience learns about the cooperation prospects for the funding period 2021-2027 between Russian regions and BSR EU partners. The Russian National Sub-committee of the programme shares their opinion on draft topics for the future cooperation, considering strategic sustainable development goals for constituent entities of Russia and the North-West Federal District as a whole: innovative and resilient economies and societies and responsive public services, sustainable management of the Baltic Sea and regional water resources and blue economy, climate change mitigation with circular economy, low-carbon energy and green and intelligent transport and mobility.

  • What are those specific areas where transnational cooperation will bring biggest benefits?
  • What should such projects deliver as a main result of their implementation?

Organizers: Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian National Sub-Committee of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, St. Petersburg Committee for External Relations, Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat, ICSER Leontief Centre.

Time of the session: 26 October, Monday at:

  • For partners in Russia: 15:00-17:00 local time
  • For partners in Finland: 14:00-16:00 local time
  • For partners in Denmark, Sweden, Germany: 13:00-15:00 local time

XV session Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Dialogue: Joint Actions and Priorities 2021+